November 2010


Staying Strong November 25, 2010

(Original post date: November 25, 2009) I keep needing and wanting a definition for grace. Is it a quiet blanket that provides calm? Thrown over a situation it melts away the impurities, the untruths, the frenzy and leaves only goodness. Grace is a peacemaker. It slows a building of energy. It appreciates every one as […]

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Power and Prayer

Staying Strong November 11, 2010

(Original post date: 11/10/09) Power. For me, being treated for cancer, especially going through chemo, means losing power and control. No choice. Every person facing this comes to the table from a different life journey. I’ve always felt that I’m the protector of my children. Previously invincible, now, I’ve become the protector of myself, and […]

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