July 2013

The Back End of a Boat

Hump Day Shorts July 18, 2013

The slip’n’slide is out on the one strip of grass we have amongst the construction rubbled backyard. This morning I came in from an early run to the van and then ran back out to snap a picture of our deck draped in beach towels. The sight reminded me of my 29th birthday. Bill and […]

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When the Headlights Came Looking for Me

Hump Day Shorts July 10, 2013

The humidity of the last couple weeks reminds of the two times in my life I recognized the headlights coming down the gravel road as Dad out looking for me after dark. Thirty-two years separated those two summer evenings. The first time I was 17 and a senior in high school. I wasn’t home by […]

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Camp Mujigae

Hump Day Shorts July 3, 2013
camp mujigae

After Grandma’s funeral in Iowa, the boys and I flew to Albany, New York, last Wednesday for a Korean culture camp: Camp Mujigae. In Korean, Mujigae means “rainbow.” Will and Liam each attended half-day camps with kids their respective ages: 9- and 7-year-olds. Each age group was grouped into six kids per counselor. It was […]

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