October 2013

The Tooth Fairy

Hump Day Shorts October 23, 2013

This will make more sense if you have already ready My Letter to Santa. It’s Tooth Fairy week. And conversations continue about Christmas gifts. This week I’ve learned that in Will’s class he is the only one without an iPod touch, and Liam knows kids at school younger than him who have an iPod touch. […]

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Cub Scout Camp Highlights

Hump Day Shorts October 16, 2013

The annual fall Cub Scout trip was last Saturday night. Since our tent is a tight fit for three, I went for the afternoon and evening but volunteered to sleep in my own bed at home. From the comfort of my mattress, cotton sheets, soft blanket, and comforter, I reflected back on events from that […]

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My Letter to Santa

Me & My Boys October 12, 2013

Dear Santa, You have been Santa for much longer than I have been Mom, and I need some advice. Two years ago, Will and Liam wanted the LEGOS Death Star for Christmas.  This chatter started in early November.  They knew that was a bit much for us to spend, so they decided to ask you […]

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The Suitcase

Me & My Boys October 5, 2013

On Wednesday Bill returned from a two-week trip around the world: England, China and Indonesia. He proudly takes one small bag on these marathon trips and sends his laundry out in China. His last stop this trip was five days in the coffee fields of Sumatra. Following four flights over 30 hours that finally brought […]

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