July 2014

Garden Feet

Hump Day Shorts July 30, 2014
garden foot

Last night, I gardened until post sunset. I didn’t put much effort into the flower garden before our vacation to Iowa, but now home, I went to work. At the garden store in late-July, flowers are begging to leave the shelves. Their blossoms – if any – are stretching high, competing with the others in […]

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Camp Mujigae: Second Year

Hump Day Shorts July 10, 2014
Will at beach

When Will started preschool seven years ago, I struggled with learning little girls’ names in his class.  Nearly all of the girls had long hair pulled back in a pony-tail.  With hair color ranging from nearly white blonde to light brown, but still in the blonde family.  And blue eyes.  By kindergarten, I had most […]

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The Beach Cottage

Hump Day Shorts July 10, 2014
BR door open

…taken from my hand-written journal during our electronics-free stay on Cape Cod… For a week near the beach, I want to be in a simple place.  Where sand tracked in is OK, for it doesn’t get caught in the grout of tiled kitchen floors.  Because on the kitchen floor is a sheet of vinyl, tacked […]

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Hump Day Shorts July 8, 2014
Mercury redstone

This is how play dates can take form in the Malcolm house: Eavesdropping on Will’s phone conversation was the first I knew about Sunday’s plans. “Yeah, sure we can pick you up in an hour. We can take you home too. I’m launching around 11:30. Oh, and I’ll have a couple other friends coming over […]

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Simple Summer Vacation

Hump Day Shorts July 1, 2014
pine wall

We caught a short, early summer vacation last week. All I wanted was simple quiet for a few days. I found an original “Cape Cod beach cottage” in South Yarmouth. The little cottage hadn’t been touched structurally since it had been built in the 40′s or 50′s. The black vinyl “46″ on the door frame […]

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