August 2014

Live from Times Square, NYC

Hump Day Shorts August 27, 2014

5:15 p.m. Tuesday… We are on a train to NYC with Bill’s family — the final fling before school starts next week. After using the same credit card for some 25 years, we had enough reward points to stay in Times Square. I’m preparing for sensory overload and have forewarned Will and Liam about round-the-clock […]

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Meanest Woman in the World

Hump Day Shorts August 20, 2014

Teetering. Teetering on the edge of summer. Writing. Writing on the edge of summer. Camps. Camps teetering on the edge of summer so I can write. Backfire. On the calendar two weeks ago, it all made sense. Time for me to write. Fun for them to go. This morning, I was working with rubble. Tired […]

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8 Goals for Back-to-school

Hump Day Shorts August 12, 2014

Back-to-school. The buzz, panic, duties, anxiety. The routine, brain power, confidence. In a word association game, the response to “back-to-school” would elicit numerous responses. My back-to-school started in the spring. It was a calm revelation that happened in the van. When I opened the door and had one leg in, I noticed rosary beads on […]

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Mutant August Weeds

Hump Day Shorts August 6, 2014
clean up

It’s August.  It’s August?  But we were just counting down the days until school was out.  And making glorious lists of all things possible in summer.  Now, we are making lists of all things that need to be crammed into summer.  Because of that meddling word: “August.”  What can we make happen and what do […]

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