October 2014

How is it that our kids went to bed at 10:30 last night?

Hump Day Shorts October 23, 2014

One more. One sec. And it’s 10 p.m. Peeling them out of the house in the morning is like pulling four pieces of chewing gum off the bottom of my shoe. Only it’s accompanied by growls. One shower lasted 15 minutes. “One sec.” “One sec.” “One sec.” Consequently, I put away the cereal, bowl, spoon, […]

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Pebbles Upon a Stone

Hump Day Shorts October 15, 2014
stones on stone 1

I don’t run.   I don’t jog.  I walk.  And Tuesday,  out of the walking routine, I wandered.  Wearing pants with no pockets, I carried my phone. The wander turned into a 5k meander.  The phone became a camera. Many years ago Bill and I went with friends to Belize and spent a week on […]

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A 5k Fall Meander

Guilty Pleasures October 15, 2014

The scenic views in my 5k fall meander were beautiful but hard to capture.  Little tidbits sometimes paint the best picture of the whole. (the stone is dated 1861) (Have you seen the Pebbles on a Stone?)  Share with your world…

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50 Miles a Day

Me & My Boys October 11, 2014

50 miles a day.  That’s what the trip meter says in the van.  That’s not equivalent to 50 minutes driving on an open highway in the Midwest.  The conversion of mileage to time is in hours. I believe I once purchased Dragon software, which is voice recognition software – I talk and it types.  Would […]

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