March 2015

Give a Starter Library! 10 Children’s Books for the Early Years

Guilty Pleasures March 31, 2015
Starter LIbrary collage

Starter libraries are great gifts for newborns and their families.  Often times I pick out a combination of books: some will last through their toddler years and some into early elementary school. Starting with the littlest chunky board book, like Farm Animals (A Chunky Book(R)), a well-loved first book will have teeth marks around the […]

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Winter 2015 Ski Report — It’s a Wrap!

Me & My Boys March 31, 2015
Will smuggs for linda malcolm

We still have an 8-foot snow bank next to our steps on the north side of our house.  With the melting, raining, warming, then freezing, it is more aptly termed an ice bank.  A land glacier. On the inside of our Massachusetts house, the hallway is still lined with heavy duty winter equipment.  Hard plastic […]

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Friday Frittata: Turkey and Swiss

Guilty Pleasures March 27, 2015

A solid three-day breakfast!  Not as light and fluffy as on Day One, but still a good, tasty hit of protein on Days 2 and 3.  This recipe is not perfected; I would try a good straight-forward hunk of Thanksgiving turkey breast next time. Motivation for this one?  Leftover sauteed vegetables from the evening before […]

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New Adventures!

Hump Day Shorts March 24, 2015
candle on mantel

I have an over-the-shoulder reader of my stories. Liam. Yesterday, we reread the story about the afternoon he was pretending to be a seal and stuck a rock up his nose. He was three years old. Yesterday, at the beautiful age of nine, he put his editor hat on, looked at me and said, “Do […]

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Frittata Friday: Invigorated Droopy Veggies

Guilty Pleasures March 19, 2015

Well, that title really makes you want to try this recipe, huh?  Honestly, it has been a week of eating out and pawing through the cupboards.  The inventory of fresh fruits in our fridge consists of crisp Fuji apples, a jar of mandarin oranges, and half a jar of applesauce.  The latter two are not […]

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Best small talk of the season. Most impressive skier I’ve ever seen.

Me & My Boys March 17, 2015

Looking for spring skiing with good snow, we landed at Killington in Vermont on Sunday.  I heard there was a 30-foot base of snow.  The forecast was for 39 and sunshine. Mountain weather changes faster than Midwestern weather.  It was cold, snowy, icy, and cloudy.  The top of the highest peak was never seen from […]

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