July 2015

10 Feet Away

Hump Day Shorts July 30, 2015
sunset at Lake Q

Yesterday was the 6-month interval: MRI. Mammogram. MRI. Mammogram. MRI. Mammogram. Again, I try to keep it an appointment on the calendar: 11:00 Mammogram. Go, leave, and continue with my day. Sometimes it works; other times – particularly on odd days in odd years – it doesn’t. I just turned 49 and it’s 2015. I […]

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Shell Seeking

Hump Day Shorts July 16, 2015
shells handful

Grab a cup of tea or coffee or a cool drink… I’m sharing notes from my beach combing journal. (July 6, 2015 @ West Yarmouth, Cape Cod, MA) The day began at 4:45. Me, standing next to the bed, thinking about where I could go and what I could do that wouldn’t wake the rest […]

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