February 2016

The Laundry Maven: Up in Arms… Again

Hump Day Shorts February 24, 2016
packing ski gear

The Laundry Maven is up in arms. She’s lost control of her domain. It all started with the family week-long ski trip to Smuggler’s Notch in Vermont over February break. Before we left for skiing, garments and gear were strategically laid out for each person on a dining room chair. Ordered chaos reigned. After each […]

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Three White Rubber Eggs?

Hump Day Shorts February 17, 2016

While I waited for the Laundry Maven to run my bath this morning, I descended on two small cardboard boxes that were tucked behind the side table in our bedroom. They had been there since Christmas time. Remnants of wrapping presents on Christmas Eve. I had hauled a card table upstairs to our bedroom and […]

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Living Up to Your Full Potential… On Skis

Hump Day Shorts February 11, 2016
Smuggs Mountain

After a four-day weekend, anchored by a snow storm last Friday and this Monday, I believe today is Hump Day. Or was it yesterday? Snow days trick the mind and mess with the schedule a bit – but the snow was a welcome sight! We skied at Crotched Mountain in New Hampshire over the weekend. […]

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Is that you, Chewbacca?

Hump Day Shorts February 2, 2016

I’m floundering this week. I’ve written a lot today, but it feels like cobwebs being dealt with rather than anything I would send out into the universe. I’m getting tripped up by photos. I often take pictures to spark my memory for writing ideas. The photos are effective tools, but they are also making me […]

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