April 2016

Bits of the Real Iowa

Hump Day Shorts April 29, 2016

In Iowa over spring break last week, I pulled into a parking lot and rolled my window down while waiting to meet a friend. I heard familiar birds cackling from a small grove of evergreen trees. The sound pulled my lip into a snarl. Red-winged Blackbirds. They nested in the ditches near Mom and Dad’s […]

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April Fresh Scent

Hump Day Shorts April 13, 2016

Shakespeare’s time was before toothbrushes, deodorant, and regular bathing. So people did what they could: washing underwear as often as they could afford; using scented waters and perfumes; and carrying nosegays. Throughout the 1980s, Mom made silk flower bouquets for brides, so I know “nosegay” as a very small hand-held bouquet. It’s presence in the […]

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Waiting for the UPS Man

Hump Day Shorts April 5, 2016
Baldy November

I’m at a turning point in the anti-breast-cancer process. It was 23 degrees this morning when I dropped Liam off at school. I have a delivery today that shouldn’t freeze: 3.75 mg of Lupron, so I’m writing at home, waiting for the delivery of this tiny bottle of medicine that I have injected monthly. It […]

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