August 2017

Low Maintenance: Mulch It

Hump Day Shorts August 15, 2017
dirty feet

Last Saturday morning, I was lodged into a corner of my kitchen avoiding the 6-foot long window over my kitchen sink. It overlooks the backyard and the deck, which is the main entrance to our house. When we put an addition on five years ago, we added windows all along the back of the house […]

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Have you laughed today?

Hump Day Shorts August 1, 2017
BW of me crossback bra

I’ve been investigating effects of the release of endorphins in the brain that result in an analgesic. Regarding this biochemical process, through my research I have deduced two analogies: one of baseball and one of an ice cream cone. In baseball, the team and fans are happiest when the pitcher makes excellent throws that result […]

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