January 2018

Update on the Laundry Maven

Hump Day Shorts January 16, 2018

Early in December, I had stories bumbling around in my head about Christmas cookies. Having perused one grandmother’s metal recipe box and another’s hand-written recipes, I felt the stories were ripe for telling. A theme was coming together for December Hump Day Shorts. Then the ranting and raving Laundry Maven appeared. She had been so […]

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Winter Adventures

Hump Day Shorts January 9, 2018
front door

Winter adventures settled in over the New Year. A week’s worth of sub-freezing temperatures was followed by a whopping Nor’easter blizzard to swath us in white. That thing blew like a Midwestern snow storm. It mounded up snow drifts like I’ve never seen out here; they were the kinds of winds that I remember from […]

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English Lumps of Sugar

Hump Day Shorts January 4, 2018
English coffee with sugar cubes

My mornings in England over Christmas started with dark coffee at the Rump & Wade. I am the early riser in our family, so each night before I went to bed, I laid out my clothes and packed a book and a journal for my morning excursion. We stayed at the Cromwell Hotel in Stevenage, […]

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