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Give a Starter Library! 10 Children’s Books for the Early Years

Guilty Pleasures March 31, 2015
Starter LIbrary collage

Starter libraries are great gifts for newborns and their families.  Often times I pick out a combination of books: some will last through their toddler years and some into early elementary school. Starting with the littlest chunky board book, like Farm Animals (A Chunky Book(R)), a well-loved first book will have teeth marks around the […]

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Friday Frittata: Turkey and Swiss

Guilty Pleasures March 27, 2015

A solid three-day breakfast!  Not as light and fluffy as on Day One, but still a good, tasty hit of protein on Days 2 and 3.  This recipe is not perfected; I would try a good straight-forward hunk of Thanksgiving turkey breast next time. Motivation for this one?  Leftover sauteed vegetables from the evening before […]

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Frittata Friday: Invigorated Droopy Veggies

Guilty Pleasures March 19, 2015

Well, that title really makes you want to try this recipe, huh?  Honestly, it has been a week of eating out and pawing through the cupboards.  The inventory of fresh fruits in our fridge consists of crisp Fuji apples, a jar of mandarin oranges, and half a jar of applesauce.  The latter two are not […]

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Frittata Friday: The Raw Reds

Guilty Pleasures March 12, 2015

In an 8-week sugar cleanse a couple years ago, I mastered an egg dish that I now claim as my morning masterpiece.  Off-hand, I can’t think of any other dishes that I cook without a recipe which are as satisfying as this little humdinger. The frame of the recipe is five eggs beaten with a […]

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Stalactites or stalagmites?

Guilty Pleasures March 7, 2015

Connected at the roof and the ground, these started as stalactites but could now be stalagmites. They are several inches thick and a few feet wide.     They defy logic.  And crash loudly on a melting day. (Have you seen 50 Inches of Snow in Pictures?  100 inches looks about the same!) Share with […]

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FREE Sunday tours of Boston’s Trinity Church

Guilty Pleasures February 12, 2015
Bike in Boston

Bill and I went to Boston last Sunday, hours before snow storm Marcus’ arrival.  I had booked a walking chocolate tour via groupon as an early Valentine’s Day gift for us… and I missed the Saturday evening email to say it had been canceled due to the storm.  I only saw the Saturday night email […]

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