Hump Day Shorts…a push over the middle

The Whale Tooth in the Trunk

Hump Day Shorts November 28, 2017
baleen whale tooth

My house is still breathing deep as it was last time I wrote a few weeks ago. It’s recovering from the bout with Halloween. This weekend we are going to get our Christmas tree; then the official Christmas decorating will commence! Monday night, we returned from a week in Iowa. We packed a ton into […]

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Clementine Pumpkins

Hump Day Shorts November 7, 2017
clementine pumpkins

Last weekend, I stripped Halloween from every shelf, wall, window, table, windowsill, and crevice. Bill and the boys carried the tubs from the basement out to the barn loft. Now, the living room, kitchen, and dining room feel spacious. The rooms are breathing, filling up their lungs to prepare for the next intense barrage after […]

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New Freedoms with a Tween and a Teen

Hump Day Shorts October 4, 2017
embarrassed selfi

Independence abounds in our house this fall. It’s not always predictable, but it is taking shape. At 11 years old, Liam is old enough to be at home on his own more often now. I’m still a bit nervous going out beyond three miles from our house in the evening and leaving him alone. Last […]

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Your car is parked near Home

Hump Day Shorts September 22, 2017
fall plants wild

It’s funny how similar pieces of information have different levels of importance depending on the situation. My online shopping habit leaves me lost when I enter a mall. If I need to go to a brick and mortar multi-plex, I try to look at a map of it online before driving there so I can […]

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What the Boys Wear

Hump Day Shorts September 12, 2017
hikers in the distance

I’m looking nearly eye-to-eye with my 13-year-old (soon to be 14-year-old) Will. At his physical this summer, he was just 1 ¾” shorter than me. With his school shoes on, he’s only about ¾” shorter. Thinking he had popped up an inch overnight one morning last week, I had him back up against the door […]

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A new angel walks in heaven now

Hump Day Shorts September 9, 2017
mocha latte heart

The prep for the weekly Hump Day Short was back on track Wednesday morning after the school drop-off. Just before I put pen to paper, or rather fingers to keyboard, I checked my email only to find that a good friend had died earlier that morning. We had been acquaintances for eight years as my […]

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