68 years

Hump Day Shorts June 5, 2013
68 years 1

There are 68 years between the youngest member of our family, my two-year-old niece, and my dad. With every new grand child, we get to see our parents and our kids bond. Each one a little differently. During the Easter egg hunt at Mom & Dad’s, my niece soon sorted out the path to many […]

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Something for Every One

Hump Day Shorts April 3, 2013

Sitting for a quiet half hour in the dentist’s chair yesterday, I gathered these thoughts for this Hump Day. During February break, the boys and I went to a robotic dinosaur exhibit at the science museum in Manchester, NH. A caution sign hung outside a partially hidden exhibit: “Warning, Carnivore Scene.” At the Currier Art […]

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Easter Sunday

Me & My Boys April 12, 2012

Easter Sunday was a great day. In Iowa, four-plus hours working with Mom & Dad outside trimming 10-foot high bushes, transplanting flowers, and cultivating a 20-acre field. This morning, Monday the 9th, I decided yesterday could most definitely count as cross-training in preparation for the Avon Walk, particularly the trimming and digging: my upper body […]

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