Go to the Lobster Pool

Guilty Pleasures April 3, 2014

If you need a taste of summer, I suggest going to the Lobster Pool.  Why? Sigh… Eat a great dinner and watch thesunset from the Lobster Pool.  It sits on Folly’s Cove, which conveniently cuts into the land making it westward facing over the water.  Living in the Northeast, this is a gem. Throw an […]

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The First Signs of Fall

Guilty Pleasures September 20, 2013

Mmmm…. fall.  Such a visually appealing season.  From mums and cabbages…             to ornamental peppers in pots…             and pre-jack-0-lanterns.             Then there are the new witchy treats… a pair of shoes…             and a […]

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Turkey and Fire

Staying Strong April 27, 2011

(Original post date: December 1, 2009) In anticipation of our friends coming from NYC for Thanksgiving, I bought a fresh 15-pound turkey about 10 days before Thanksgiving. The “good until date” was November 28 – refrigerated or frozen. That seemed a long time even for a brined turkey to be in the fridge, but despite […]

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