From Lefse to Lutefish to Matzo and Challah… and beyond: Iowa Culture

Hump Day Shorts December 22, 2016

I’m getting anxious to go to Iowa for Christmas. While roaming around in my writing files late last night, I found this. “I come from a meat and potatoes family. Sunday dinners of fall-apart braised roast beef and mashed potatoes. Like my grandpa and my granddad, I ate my potatoes yellow with butter and heavily […]

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Tolerance of Cow Manure Between Your Toes

Me & My Boys April 2, 2015
our barn medium

When I promote my stories on social media – Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest – I know that I will get a good handful of followers to click on my story if I use this picture of Mom and Dad’s barn: People love it. I look at the photo and think about 48 years of stories […]

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The Missing Gift

Hump Day Shorts December 23, 2014

My time is divided between merry-making, play date booking, and looking for that bag. You know the one… The perfect gift found for a special person. In October. That was three months ago. And eight hiding places ago. The cookies are baked. The tree is up. The Christmas get-togethers are happening. But it’s two days […]

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Summer Dirt

Hump Day Shorts June 19, 2014
barn wall 1

Summer brings dirt. I love dirt. I love dirt more than summer. Next to the barn, I’ve knocked down a weedy mess so I could plant a red climbing rose bush next to the old stone wall and the peeling window frame. My shovel slid through that dirt as if the ground was a chocolate […]

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The Farmer in the Family

Me & My Boys June 1, 2014
Rho & house

I had a minor surgery last Hump Day. As it was late in the day, I stayed overnight in the hospital. Bill came to get me in the morning. With the general anesthesia still clouding my brain, this is the first story I recall from Bill that morning. Bill woke up at 5 a.m. to […]

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Small Wild Animals

On Gravel Roads February 7, 2014

Growing up as the oldest of four on a dairy farm, I held down the fort in the house while Mom milked cows morning and night.  Dad worked second shift at a meat processing plant so that we could survive on the farm, which usually left Mom with the twice-daily milking of our small Holstein […]

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