White After Labor Day

Hump Day Shorts September 15, 2014
pants in bloom

Have you noticed how quiet the Laundry Maven has been? She was busy last weekend.  It was the white load washed on Saturday night, to be dried Sunday morning, that made her head spin a bit. In that load were two favorite pairs of summer trousers: khaki and white.  And as they went into the […]

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Bath Towel or Rag?

Hump Day Shorts September 25, 2013
Blue bath towel small

When should a bath towel be retired to the rag bag? Which one of these is past its prime? Which is begging to be cut into 10 little rags, forever eliminating its chances of returning to the linen closet? Which is older?               Blue towel: circa 1984. Burgundy towel: […]

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Happy 4th Monday in a Row

Hump Day Shorts June 1, 2013

Hello, who are you today? Is this a Hump Day-less week? I can’t bale over the hump. I’ve been in four Mondays slid together. The Laundry Maven is a wreck searching for a black shirt because the only thing clean is a black bra. And that makes absolutely no sense because today it’s going to […]

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MS Living vs LM Living

Hump Day Shorts June 13, 2012

May 26, 2012 Dear Martha, I can’t help but wonder if I shouldn’t subscribe to Martha Stewart Living again.  It’s been a challenging few weeks.  Could your advice have helped? In getting ideas for the addition on our house, I did pick up your issue titled something like “Everything Organized.”  How often do you dust […]

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Six Hours of Questions and Answers

Staying Strong March 11, 2012

(Original post date: February 6, 2010) Written at 2 a.m. Saturday, February 6th Early morning in our house Friday, February 5th: “Do I have any clean socks?” No. “Is there a basket somewhere with clean whites?” No. “Are there any clean towels?” Yes, the basket in the laundry room is clean. My laundry experiment: “Can […]

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Eat Your Frog

Hump Day Shorts February 15, 2012

Love these Mark Twain quotes: “If you eat a frog first thing in the morning, the rest of your day will be wonderful.” “If you have to eat a frog, don’t look at it for too long.” At 6 a.m., the laundry maven went down to the laundry room; stumbled over the dirty clothes; sorted […]

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