from summer to fall with a pocketful of prayer

Me & My Boys September 4, 2014
mug & bracelet

From the outside, I may have wavy hair but on the inside, I’m sporting the Rosanne-Roseannadanna look: frizzled bushy hair standing straight out. The back-to-school factory went into full production at 6:00 this morning. Two different breakfasts, three different lunches, two fully-equipped backpacks. One bowl drawer filled only with lids. One snack drawer overflowing to […]

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A Pocketful of Prayer

Staying Strong September 2, 2014

Journal Entry from July 31, 2009.  A month after breast cancer diagnosis. I think faith is a very individual, personal decision, and I tend to keep it that way. However if you are someone who prays and are stumped, as I’ve been, about what to pray for us, I’ll share with you what I pray […]

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Granddad’s Pre-Sermon Prayer

Staying Strong April 27, 2011

Original post date: November 29, 2009) Another letter arrived from Grandma Mills last week. I read only “O Lord” and knew it was Granddad’s voice on paper. In addition to his beautiful prayers, my gut says he had a knack for writing. According to Grandma, this is “Granddad’s prayer he used when he gave the […]

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