The Melt

Hump Day Shorts March 10, 2015

We New Englanders are moving into pre-spring.  With temperatures in the 40s for a couple days, many of us have a bit of a lift in our step, smiling and soaking in the cool air.  Until we hit black ice and fall on our ass. I love the snow, and I much prefer snow season […]

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Bill’s Ski Goggles

Me & My Boys January 28, 2014

Skiing. Less than an hour from our house we can ski hills. Under two hours we can ski foothills. Over two hours we can ski mountains. For you New Englanders reading, this is not scientific measurement, just a Midwesterner’s flat wisdom of a few slopes. We are under two hours away from Crotched Mountain – […]

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Rhododendron Droop

Hump Day Shorts January 21, 2014
Rhodo 1

This morning, before going to to check the day’s forecast, I checked the vista from my dining room windows.  The massive rhododendron growing against the house is our privacy screen, protecting the room from drivers’ gazes as they zip down the hill.  Sprawling out eight feet and up ten feet, she is my crown […]

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March Haiku

Guilty Pleasures March 31, 2013
snow on branches March 13

Are you up for haiku-ing? A little mental shake-up? An unusual exercise for the brain? This picture made me want to write a haiku. I haven’t done that since middle school. In case you need a brush-up, haikus are 17 syllables long, written in three lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables. Check out my […]

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