My hands are on the steering wheel not the keyboard. The summer swirls around us, doesn’t it?

Now, as we head into the dog days of summer, I’m heading off the grid for most of the month. Research for fall. Living in the moment. Making summer moments.

Driving to summer happenings, I’m Miss Frizzle to one young friend when I drive the Magic School Bus, aka: the van with automatic doors and a DVD player and an abundance of friends riding along. And soon, I’ll be the Midwest aunt shuttling cousins here and there. These escapades send me headlong into the present. A place where we should all spend a little more time with a lot less worry.

So, I leave here to go be. And while I’m being, the dining room table and the laundry room, together with the piles throughout the house from attempted, intermittent, interrupted sorts, will need to wait for a few more weeks. The crab grass in the flower gardens will continue to add to the greenery around the house. The groundhog’s salad bar is open until I find bulk cayenne pepper at the end of the month.

In the coming days, I’ll be sorting water balloons, beach towels, and campfires with family and friends. I’ll take a pen and paper, but if August follows suit of June and July, my hands will remain on the wheel or the rudder.

Titles for the work of fall, when my tools shift from wheel to keyboard, are already surfacing:

“Growing Up Together 1,000 Miles Apart”
“Watching an Iowa Boy Surf”
“A Trip to the Emergency Room” (Not to worry, this is a humorous story and no one was injured.)
“The Real England: Eton Mess”
“How to Break Into a Canal Boat”
“A Salad Bar Fit for a Groundhog”

I hope your summer stories are also building. I’ve left a pile of mine for you, in case your reading material is slim. Check out “About Linda Malcolm” for a few favorites.

Linda Malcolm, over and out.

Happy Hump Day.





Hump Day Shorts July 27, 2016

Unexpected small things. The tiniest juxtapositions. They feed my soul. And inspire Hump Day Shorts. Saturday I went to my local farmer’s market. Despite the 95-degree humid morning. Even if I don’t need cheese, corn, or fish, I go. I find cheese, corn, and zucchini. But no fish this Saturday. The people at the market […]

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Narrow Boat Navigation through Stratford Canal Bridges & Locks

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Boats with rudders are steered from the stern of the boat, from the back end. Instead of a steering wheel like we had while sailing with friends 20 years ago in the Caribbean and in the Greek Ionian islands, our narrow boat on the Stratford Canal in England had a three-foot horizontal piece of wood, […]

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Hump Day Shorts June 28, 2016
red rain coat

I’m heading off the grid for a couple weeks. And taking the family with me. The three of them will probably find a way to stay connected to the dish in the sky, but I’m going to do my best to remain unplugged. Last Sunday, I went Amazon shopping for travel gear. All four of […]

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The Circus after the Circus

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For Bill’s Father’s Day treat, we took him to the Cirque du Soleil show, Kurios. It ended at 7:30 p.m., and we decided to stop at Uno’s on the way home. Uno’s is a family favorite: buttered pasta for Liam, Kraft mac’n’cheese for Will, and a Numero Uno for Bill and me. Actually, Uno’s is […]

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Big Boys

Hump Day Shorts June 14, 2016
pirate sheet torn

In a Creative Writing seminar some 25 years ago, the instructor gave all of us the first line of another author’s story, and we each had to write a short story using that sentence as the lead-off. I thought of this exercise after reading a Facebook post from one of my cousins last week, and […]

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