Flying Like an Ostrich

by Linda on January 31, 2017

in Hump Day Shorts

Since November, I’ve been flying like a wide-eyed ostrich caught in the jet stream. At 40,000 feet. At 500 MPH. All legs, all neck. And a flabby core that can’t keep the gangly body aligned. Moving those little flaps of wings as if they should carry this body the way a 777 carries its own weight. Praying it smoothens out but only feeling turbulence and ongoing tumultuous motion as a big flightless bird tumbling ass over appetite at high altitude.

Tuesday I felt the painful ping of muscles in my thighs and the burn of cold air in my lungs while I plodded and huffed up hills. I have been walking on flat land for weeks, but the hills make me work harder — physically and mentally.

Panting up a hill, I realized that I’m not built to fly at high altitude nor to cover hundreds of miles in such a short span of time, but I have strong legs. And I can consistently put my feet one in front of the other. Mentally. Physically. Soulfully.

Taking one step at a time on ground I can feel beneath my feet, I find more calm, more power, and more endurance.

Wishing you solid ground this hump day.

the  hill


Chicken and Rice Soup

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broasted chicken

Tuesday, Liam woke up with a headache and a canker sore. With the consequences of staying in bed until 9 a.m. and no electronics all day, he stayed home from school. At 3 p.m. when Will came home from school, Liam went to the screens. He must have interpreted the ban as effective during the […]

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Portuguese fish

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Muse juice

Christmas decorations are slowly coming down. Very slowly. It could happen more quickly if I spent the day at home carting tubs up the stairs to fill then back down when they are fully packed. But I’m not doing that. I’m spending most of the day in my favorite place: the quiet room at the […]

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I’m getting anxious to go to Iowa for Christmas. While roaming around in my writing files late last night, I found this. “I come from a meat and potatoes family. Sunday dinners of fall-apart braised roast beef and mashed potatoes. Like my grandpa and my granddad, I ate my potatoes yellow with butter and heavily […]

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Tree crash

How many hump days can you have in one week?  The afternoon before last week’s hump day, this happened. I hadn’t put any hand-painted glass balls on yet. I only lost two ornaments. One was a 3D glass lace heart. 25 years old. The anger over the flipping tree going over overshadowed any soppy nostalgia […]

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